Hey, There’s a New Place You Can Read My Foolishness!

So, I’ve started writing stuff for GameSpy!  This is kinda a big deal (well to me at least) since the conglomeration of IGN/GameSpy (IGN is another gaming site which owns GameSpy) is the biggest gaming site on the web.  They probably pull in approximately 100-times more traffic than the last gaming site I worked for.  I’ll mostly be writing funny stuff for ‘em, as opposed to the straight reviews I was doing before…check out the first article…

Clickity Click!

Also, to appease the gamers who will be coming over to the comic due to the link at the bottom of my GameSpy articles, I’m now making this a gaming comic.  Most comics will now consist of Baker playing an Xbox 360 he plugs into a tree, making witty comments about the latest game releases. Expect it to be more awesome than a 6-pack of Mountain Dew Gamer’s Fuel.

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  1. jackie says:

    I see Baker as more of an SNES type.

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